לקוחות משתפים את חוויותיהם

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Bridie G
Adelaide, Australia

Greg transformed my life. Greg facilitated a place of safety to access the depths of my shadow and ignite a fire in my soul. With his divine masculine presence and awareness, he creates a beautiful space of safety to hold and support whatever comes up during the healings. I felt so safe to surrender completely. I was able to reach new depths during the sessions which ignited divine healing breakthroughs. I am not the same person I was 6 months ago before I started working with Greg. I have been reborn.I went from living with shame, guilt, fear and lack to transforming onto a path aligned with joy, love, happiness, compassion, empathy and union. I have also noticed a significant increase in my self-confidence, self awareness, self-love and consciousness. My creative gifts are growing, unlocking and flourishing. I live to be aligned with love. Greg facilitated the awakening of the natural healer I had within myself. I refer to Greg as my ‘Jesus Christ 2.0’ because that is the level of archetypal healer energy he embodies. I recommend him to every single person I meet that is seeking relief from their pain and suffering. You will transform your life and wellbeing. Do yourself a favour and book a session with Greg for your health, wellness, happiness, kindnesses and love.I came across Greg’s page through a web of synchronicities, so it was definitely a coincidence orchestrated by the universe. It was meant to be. I could not thank Greg enough for the amazing work he has done for me. He is the living breathing embodiment of a miraculous healer.

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Kristie F
Detroit, USA

To put it bluntly, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. And like Eckhart Tolle described about himself, “I couldn’t stand myself anymore.” I was living in a self-created nightmare and I was so desperate for change. 

I signed up to work with Greg because, like I said, I was desperate for a change - but even deeper, I had a profound need to be closer to the source from which I came. 

Through my sessions with Greg, we worked together to first turn on a light in the darkness inside of me, and then ultimately diminish the darkness and painful overall. 

Week after week we peeled away the layers of pain, resolving years, decades, and centuries of trauma and fear - To unveil a light that was growing inside of me. It grew brighter and brighter with every week with Greg’s support, patience, and intuitive healing - And I am now grounded, connected to source and I have bright light that shines where there was once only pain and darkness. I can now see the forest for the trees - I am content, I am peaceful, I am love, and I am light. 

I would highly recommend Greg to anyone who is truly interested in doing the work to get out of their pain, fear, loniless, and darkness. Greg will guide you, heal you, show you how to help heal yourself, and be there with you ever step of the way.

Greg is kind, compassionate, patient, and and intuitive/active listener. He gets to really know you (your inner and outer self) and is able to your that information alongside his intuitiveness and natural healing abilities to provide a well-rounded, whole person approach to healing. 

Greg is a gift to this world and I honor and bow down to him, and all the ancestors and his lineage that came before him to provide him with the knowledge and abilities to heal others and dedicate himself to raising the vibration of the planet. 

Greg helped to save my life and I am forever grateful.