טיפולים שמאניים

The treatments and healing techniques listed below are some of the modalities available (there are many others). As you read through them, it will give you a sense or a feel of the energies and frequencies that are transmitted during the healing sessions.

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טיפול אנרגטי

טכניקות הילינג בעלות עוצמה רבה הידועים כ"מחוללי ניסים" שהועברו מדור לדור בשושלת שבט הקורהדרוס המקסיקניים שהם הממשיכים של תרבות המאיה

טיפולים מיוחדים: הפרעות אכילה, דיכאון ואבדן, חוסר ביטחון עצמי, הרחבה וחיבור הלב, טראומות, שחרור העבר, בעיות הורמונליות וכאבי מחזור, בעיות במערכת החיסונית, בעיות במערכת, העיכול, שברים ובעיות פרקים, ניקוי רעלים, איסף חלקיקי נשמה 

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טיפול אנרגטי

To put it bluntly, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. And like Eckhart Tolle described about himself, “I couldn’t stand myself anymore.” I was living in a self-created nightmare and I was so desperate for change. 

I signed up to work with Greg because, like I said, I was desperate for a change - but even deeper, I had a profound need to be closer to the source from which I came. 

Through my sessions with Greg, we worked together to first turn on a light in the darkness inside of me, and then ultimately diminish the darkness and painful overall. 

Week after week we peeled away the layers of pain, resolving years, decades, and centuries of trauma and fear - To unveil a light that was growing inside of me. It grew brighter and brighter with every week with Greg’s support, patience, and intuitive healing - And I am now grounded, connected to source and I have bright light that shines where there was once only pain and darkness. I can now see the forest for the trees - I am content, I am peaceful, I am love, and I am light. 

I would highly recommend Greg to anyone who is truly interested in doing the work to get out of their pain, fear, loniless, and darkness. Greg will guide you, heal you, show you how to help heal yourself, and be there with you ever step of the way.

Greg is kind, compassionate, patient, and and intuitive/active listener. He gets to really know you (your inner and outer self) and is able to your that information alongside his intuitiveness and natural healing abilities to provide a well-rounded, whole person approach to healing. 

Greg is a gift to this world and I honor and bow down to him, and all the ancestors and his lineage that came before him to provide him with the knowledge and abilities to heal others and dedicate himself to raising the vibration of the planet. 

Greg helped to save my life and I am forever grateful.


טיפול אנרגטי

Greg is an amazing and powerful healer! I saw him regularly during a tough period of growth and I always noticed the shifts after our session. He would also bring through powerful and helpful messages during the session. He is  definitely good value, and I highly recommend his services


טיפול אנרגטי

I was highly skeptical at first of the 'healing' concept, yet traditional therapy wasn't helping and I was open to exploring whether a more spiritual approach would. [...} Greg has changed my life in ways I couldn't imagine. [...} My mind and emotions have been healing and I see concrete proof of this in my day to day life, how present I am, how much better my life and my relationships are. I leave every session feeling more whole, alive and at peace. [...} I absolutely recommend you go see him. Your happiness and quality of life are worth it.